Ted Wilson

Commercial Pilot - Helicopter/Rotorcraft, Lighter-than-Air
Private Pilot - Fixed-wing

Sport Pilot - Powered Parachute 
Certified Flight Instructor - Helicopter/Rotorcraft, Lighter-than-Air & Sport Pilot Powered Parachute - Land

As you can see, I hold a variety of flying credentials but you are most concerned about my PPC credentials.  I am a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor, Powered Parachute.  I have a strong background in aviation training in a variety of aircraft and bring that successful teaching model to the PPC community.  You will find a complete flight training regime as well as a comprehensive approach to ground school where the subject matter is presented in an easy to understand format.

My goal is to provide each student a fun, enriching, and professional training environment.  I want you to find the experience positive and one where you develop flying skills based on safety and fun.  When you graduate from this school, there will be no doubt you will be well skilled to fly these great aircraft!