Ground School


June 9th, 2018

Due to an unexpected trip to the northeast, the original class date of June 16th has had to be changed to June 9th.  Those of you who have scheduled the class and have not talked to me (I don't think there is anyone I have missed) please confirm you can make this date.   Again, on Saturday, June 9th, we'll be holding a Ground School at the field. 

While training, we concentrate on two areas: 

1 - Becoming a skilled pilot and

2 - Developing a strong knowledge base to be a safe pilot. 

Ground School is a full 8 hour day and is designed to provide a strong foundation to develop that knowledge base.


Through the school, you are introduced to every aspect of the sport and what you'll need to study to understand safe flight and to also be prepared for the oral portion of the checkride.  The cost is $280 for the day plus $30 for classroom materials.

Due to the schedule change, two openings have been created.  So, if you are interested but knew the class was full, please give me a call!

If you are interested in attending, please let me know by Wednesday, June 6th.   

You can contact me through email: or phone 303.570.1741


Schedule of Events