Road Trip Anyone???

There are almost an unlimited number of places to fly and truly enjoy the landscape this country has to offer.  Living in the Colorado region of the country (Southwest U.S.) we have many of those places within a short day's drive.

Once you have obtained your Sport Pilot Powered Parachute license, you'll undoubtedly want to visit these sites.  Sometimes it is easier to do so with fellow pilots who have flown the areas and can give you valuable information.  And, for some of you who cannot afford a PPC,  yet want to continue to fly, having an aircraft available is a very good thing!

Beginning in January with an extended 2 1/2 week journey, Livin' The Dream Flight School will designate a week a month to lead those interested on a short but spectacular week of flying.  The school's aircraft will be made available and I shall lead the tour.    The following is the proposed schedule through the Winter and Spring months:


March         12th - 18th

April         23rd - 29th

May            14th - 20th

Those who might be interested in this program, please


and let me know!!!